Children House of Prayer is a Movement that started in India with the Royalkids in 1991. These were children that society deemed as "Untouchable" and were treated as Trashes.

Today, we are witnessing thousands of children who were once regarded as "Trashes", transformed into "Treasures" in His Kingdom. These children now worship and intercede for countless numbers in their nation and nations around the world. These very children who were once shunned or distanced from are now earnestly sought to intercede in prayer.

Many have been impacted by these children through their intercession and many have come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ because of these children. Having witnessed these children transformed and walking in their spiritual authority, many have sought to initiate a prayer movement among the children in their countries.

Children Houses of Prayer have been initiated in a few countries and many are being added constantly. The vision of Children House of Prayer is to raise children intercessors in every nation to pray for revival.